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5 Random Facts about me

Hello everyone~
Dinosaurchompy tagged me a long time ago, but I’m a notorious dumb so I forgot it after understanding what I had to do… So u.u
Here are 5 random facts about me

1. I love the sound of certain words. Some of them are very funny, but most of them are simply beautiful. I can speak them tons of times, over and over again [to my awesome sister: mischievous]
2. I love video games as I was a child. In particular, I’m in love with Professor Layton. I’ve played with all titles and last february I bought Nintendo 3DS on purpose for The Miracle Mask
3. In connection with my last fact, me and my sister danced for a moth [or maybe more than a month] a song that well, we have to feel a bit ashamed about that, but… It’s a “Just Dance 4” hit, is not our fault, so… Well, we danced - and we liked - “What Makes You Beautiful" of One Direction~ *blushes and dies*
4. I have a little Hello Kitty plush sitting on my night table~
5. I’ve never said thank you to my sister for supporting - and bearing - me in my epic search of some months ago. I was in love with nerdish frames and I forced her to see billions of texts and pictures of me and every sort of nerdish glasses. So thank you u.u

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"I wonder if Xerx-niisan was aware of holding me as tight as knights hold their princesses, when they save them from the dragon.
I wonder if Xerx-niisan has ever suspected that it is for him that I blush, not for the characters of the romances I read.
I wonder if Xerx-niisan has ever realized that I was not drunk, not at all, when I asked him: “Do you… Love me?”.”[Continua a leggere “Il Profumo delle Fresie" qui!]

*In a scented lilac scroll*"To all the adorable ladies who happen to find this message,
this is a request for your imagination to take flight, and I do trust your dreaming eyes and sweetest hearts.My ojou-sama and I are going to have a masquerade. Pretty entertaining, indeed, but nevertheless, we would like to make it even more exciting. Therefore, we decided to act as if we were characters of a story, and perform the scenes we liked the most.And here you make your entrance, my beloved ladies! Would you help us finding the loveliest stories to portray?I know I can trust you. And I look forward to your replies.With all my love,Xerxes Break”***OFF-GAME***We’re so glad to introduce you to our Pandora Hearts game: "Have a Break~!”.All you have to do in order to participate is sending us:
a drawing of Break, Sharon or Break x Sharon
or a fanfiction about these two amazing characters! [Languages: Italian or English]
We are cosplaying as Break and Sharon in a few days, and we will take pictures based on your stories/drawings!Deadlines
30 October for drawings28 October for fanfictions (we’re sorry about that, but we do RESPECT your works, and we want to have time to read them carefully!)PrizesWe are going to upload the pictures on our deviantArt gallery, using your story or drawing as a description, so that you will have plenty of visibility for your amazing work!
Welcome to you~ #iPhone5s #hescome
Let’s heart ❤
My Strange Addiction: Post-it. #tlc #addiction #colorful #postit
Perché costruire un castello quando puoi creare un drago che lo attacca, il castello?